Some random photos from Downtown Manhattan

Below: random street corner…
 Below: the corner of the Amish Market which extends down the street…
 Below: street on Easter Sunday — hence the pink ears.
 Below, the spines of the communication centre at the WTC site.

 Below: so-called FREEDOM TOWER, or 1WTC, built where once the Twin Towers stood
 Below: St Paul’s chapel that escaped the destruction of the Twin Towers by a whisker.
 Below: photo taken from the portico of the St Paul’s Chapel
 BELOW: American Stock Exchange building 
and the graveyard of Trinity Church. 
Also — Spring!!

The green street sign on the lampost in the middle of this photo says simply “People With Aids”.


Some random photos from Downtown Manhattan — 2 Comments

  1. Nice pix Glenda. Do you enjoy being in New York. It's a place I have never wanted to visit. Grandbaby and mom doing well I hope.

  2. Everyone's fine, Jo.
    And NY has a lot to offer – but as a place, it's a bit grim and dingy. Best place on Manhattan is Central Park!

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