Well, I am back home. Minus luggage for a while, but it did turn up. And I brought home a cold. That was NOT a good exchange, airline people!

I have since been trying to do my taxes and write a book — those two things don’t mix very well, I find. When I’m doing one, I worry about not doing the other…
Anyway, until I get back to posting pretty pictures and such, here’s something to listen to:

 Cheryl Morgan is the interviewer, Ujima Radio is based in Bristol, UK. The first person interviewed is also a writer, Amy C. Fitzjohn, speaking about going the self-published route and how to raise profile.

Then me, chatting about my life, writing and such. Enjoy!


LISTEN TO ME… — 2 Comments

  1. I enjoyed the interview Glenda. I was surprised you didn't sound a bit like I expected you to, not a bit like an Aussie at all LOL. I was touting Havenstar like mad in a blog of mine recently. There was a Blogfest of Underrated Treasures. Several people said they were going to try it

  2. All touting gratefully received!! Much appreciated,and these days it's easy for a title to be lost amongst all the thousands being published.

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