Writing and publishing update…

Here is the present state of my career and my books:
The Lascar’s Dagger (Trilogy name as yet undecided)
Book One has gone to copy edit. Publication date expected to be early 2014.
Book Two is being written. All being well, publication date will be no later than mid-2015, possibly earlier.
Book Three will be written in 2014. All being well, publication date not later than mid-2016, possibly earlier.
In this business, all publication dates are always tentative!

1. In Australia:  
Harper Collins Voyager paper editions of my books may possibly be scarce in the future. If you have a missing book of one of the three trilogies, now might be the time to get it.

2. Ebook editions of  The Mirage Makers
Should be available in Australia, NZ, UK,  Europe and the Commonwealth, in English. Ebooks are also available in German.

3. Paper editions of The Mirage Makers:
Published 2006-2007
Should be available almost everywhere except USA, but could be becoming scarce in Australia.

4. Ebook and paperback editions of  The Watergivers aka Stormlord Trilogy:
Should be available in English worldwide.

5. French editions of Mirage Makers:
Alas, after the first volume was published, the publisher changed hands and the new publisher decided not to proceed with volumes 2 & 3, leaving readers high and dry. My deepest apologies to French readers. I don’t know what to say…

6. Havenstar ebook
Available at Smashwords.com for various formats except Mobi (for Kindle).
Will be available shortly, Ticonderoga edition, for Kindle/Amazon. Watch this space.

7. Havenstar print versions:
Will be out soon, hardback and paperback editions, from Ticonderoga Press, worldwide. Watch this space.

8. Ebook Isles of Glory:
Will be out soon from Fablecroft, worldwide, in English. Watch this space.

9. Isles of Glory, print editions:
Getting very scarce indeed in English. Still available in French and German.


Writing and publishing update… — 2 Comments

  1. 2016 is a long time to wait LOL

    I will look forward to the ebook of Isles of Glory. Only books of yours I don't have.

  2. Well I am so pleased for you and for your readers that your new series will be out soon and then quickly after that. I love it when I can read a series fairly quickly, not George R R Martin style, I gave up on GOT books, he took too long for me!!

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