My morning walk yesterday…in the snow

We are staying in Kaisermuhlen, which is an area squeezed between the Donau (River Danube) and what we Australians would call a billabong that used to be part of the Danube, the Alte Donau.

The ugliest modern belltower ever, for a lovely 19th century parish church
Kaisermuhlen in the snow…
Part of the front of Stefansdom (Cathedral)in the main square

Enlarged portion (it was snowing…)

I feel so sorry for this lion, trapped forever behind the anti-bird wire…
One statue is Samson fighting a griffon. Not sure if it’s this one.

Here’s the Graben fountain in the snow…

…with snow on the lion’s nose
No, the lion is not smoking.That’s the waterpipe.
Snow on umbrellas, a Fiaker and the Stubentor bus. I really am back in Vienna.


My morning walk yesterday…in the snow — 4 Comments

  1. Jo –you would say that, being in Canada!

    Tsana –Rain in the cold is MUCH worse.

    Thoraiya — now there's a short story in the making…

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