Do we have universities in Malaysia?

Here’s a city that shows it knows the difference between twisted terrorist murderers and Islam. New York, you rock.
And here’s an American academic calling on his students to discover what a university should be.
Among many other things he says:
 Another purpose of a university, and my course in particular, is to
engage in open discussion in order to critically examine beliefs,
behaviors, and customs. Finally, another purpose of a university
education is to help students who typically are not accustomed to
thinking independently or applying a critical analysis to views or
beliefs, to start learning how to do so.

Critical thinkers are open to having their cherished beliefs challenged,
and must learn how to “defend” their views based on evidence or logic,
rather than simply “pounding their chest” and merely proclaiming that
their views are “valid.”  
Universities hold a special place in society where scholarly-minded
folks can come together and discuss controversial, polemic, and often
uncomfortable topics. Universities …have special policies
in place to protect our (both professors’ and students’) freedom to
express ourselves. Neither students nor professors have a right to
censor speech that makes us uncomfortable. We’re adults. We’re at a
university. There is no topic that is “off-limits” for us to address in

Malaysians, do read the whole article, and ask yourself –using his definition of what a university should be, do we have any universities in Malaysia? Oh, and be careful you don’t write anything in the comments section that could send me to jail under Section 114(A) of the Evidence Act, whereby I become responsible for everything said by those who comment.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidifiltri
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Do we have universities in Malaysia? — 1 Comment

  1. What a stupid law, its like the one over here that makes a bar tender or a host responsible for a person getting drunk and having an accident.

    Freedom of speech is supposed to be one of the foundations of western civilisation.

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