After Carnarvon…

We left Carnarvon and headed towards the interior, with a brief stop at Rocky Pool (where there is permanent water) and Gascoyne Junction, where we stock up on diesel.

This is what the mighty Gascoyne River looks like for the best part of the year
At Rocky Pool, the corellas make the most of the water
My sister and I enjoy the view…
Being Australia, there are always colourful flowers in unlikely places
…and Corellas in every tree…
And the river often has no water at all
…or so much it washed away the town of Gascoyne Junction. It is being rebuilt. A little higher.
And the Junction marks the end of the bitumen, the last of the towns…


After Carnarvon… — 1 Comment

  1. Not much fun to get your town washed away by a river which is normally so dry. Hope they are building high enough. Although, logically, I know they do, I can't imagine rivers drying up like that.

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