New book, new cover…

Marvellous what you find on the internet when you are looking for something else…like a book by yourself (and your translator!) I have no idea who the cover artist is, but the translator is Susanne Gerold and the publisher is Blanvalet. It is due for publication in September.

And for those who don’t speak German, from the cover, 
what’s the book?

The literal translation is “The Federation of Illusionists” — Whispering Sand


New book, new cover… — 6 Comments

  1. Now that cover I love, it gives an idea of the story. Wish you could say The Lascars Dagger was due out too. Is this intended for a trilogy by the way?

  2. Great cover for a book in the Mirage Maker series. I think it depicts a scene in the last book "The Shiver Barrens" where Arrant gets his sword.

    I will not loose hope that a publisher will eventually come to their senses and take up your next series.

  3. Very evocatve artwork! I hope you find a home for the new trilogy soon, Glenda. But if not, why not self-publish? You have a big enough readership now to warrant it, I'm sure.

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