In search of oneself

This was the Four-lined Tree-Frog in my kitchen this morning. I tried to catch him and put him out, and he managed to disappear, only to reappear (see second photo)…


Yes, that’s him on the book case, reading the titles of the books. He’s darkened himself to match the cover of my husband’s honours thesis on pregnancy urine. For those of you who remember that they used to use frogs to determine if a woman was pregnant, that might seem so wrong on so many levels, but I assure you, he’s obviously looking for the book on the far right, titled “Frogs and Toads of the World.”

Told you he could read.


In search of oneself — 7 Comments

  1. Clever little froggie. The baby one I found by my pool wasn't as bright. 38 degrees C and it was sunning itself. Sense must have prevailed because when I went back a few minutes later it had disappeared – and there was no sign of a tiny corpse.

  2. Do you know that Malaysia has the largest four seasons plants, Grenda?
    (The rubber plant tree). I had been there once during the changing color of its leaves. It touched my heart. Go and watch by yourself. It takes time to see it. Take a photo there. -SAM-

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