Some animals from Perlis State Park

Warning: if you can’t tell the difference between a centipede an a millipede, don’t pick them up. Millipedes are relatively harmless — unless you want to eat one — have 2  pairs of legs per segment, and are vegetarians. Centipede bites are nasty, they are carnivores and have one pair of legs per segment.
**Please note the correction on the frog species as per the comments from Budak in Singapore

Pill millipede (can roll itself up into a tight ball)
Millipede — Narceus?
This is probably a unknown beetle instar (larval stage)5mm. Found on a fungus.
**Copper-cheeked frog Hydrophylax raniceps
Forest snails
The Three-striped Ground Squirrel getting into the rubbish bin…


Some animals from Perlis State Park — 5 Comments

  1. It's a good example of how much known and unknown biodiversity is threatened or extinguished when native forest is cleared for human expansion.

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