Forests of Perlis

Because it’s pretty…
Photos 2, 3 &4 show different lianas, creepers. Unfortunately the ordinary Malaysian doesn’t even know what these are, believe it or not. There was a photo of one in The Star newspaper the other day, calling it a strangler fig. Sigh. This country is one of the top biodiversity hotspots of the world, and the average Malaysian never sets foot inside  a primary forest. If the do, they don’t actually SEE anything, or understand what they see.


Forests of Perlis — 2 Comments

  1. How many people in other countries would be able to name flora and fauna outside their back door. I wouldn't be too good at it myself I'm afraid. It wasn't until I was a adult that I first took an interest in birds – thanks to hubby #1 and then #2. Also to Hans and Lottie Hass who were amongst the first I am sorry to admit that I would be pretty useless about naming anything but the most common trees.

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