Well folks, the time is here…

USA Orbit edition

Sometime in the next week, you should be able to get your hands on a copy of Stormlord’s Exile, the final volume in the trilogy. That’s half a million words all together by the time you arrive at the end of volume three! And Publisher’s Weekly did say – twice in the same paragraph – that this last book is exciting, and so I hope you will enjoy the ride.

British edition — Orbit

I am already getting news about readers who have got their hands on a copy already, so now I am waiting to see just who puts up the first reader review on one of the Amazon sites, or Good Reads or the Barnes and Noble. And yeah, I am one of the pathetic authors who does indeed hang around looking for reader feedback.

Australian covers – Voyager HarperCollins


Well folks, the time is here… — 12 Comments

  1. Australian covers for fantasy are ALWAYS better, guaranteed, without fail! Americans seem to need the blatantly obvious and gaudy to grab their attention, where as Aussies appreciate mystery and real art. I adore all your Australian covers. If I didn't know you or you writing, I would NOT pick you up based on your American and British covers, it saddens me to say 🙁

  2. I agree 100% I love the Australian covers. I have book 2 from Oz but sadly book 3 will be with a US cover. No imagination. And yet, the books haven't sold so well in Oz.

    Its definitely on its way and I expect Exile any day now, I have been charged for it after all LOL

  3. So excited…I'm going book shopping on the weekend for the sole purpose of buying book three. The wait is always painful, but so so worth it! I too love the Aussie covers best. Stunning.

  4. Thanks everybody for staying with me through those half a million words…

    I've just corrected the cover illus. for the USA book 2 — Stormlord Rising actually has a blue title, not orange like UK.

    I've loved watching the Bookscan figures for USA — they had already sold 200 copies before the release date (naughty bookstores!). And I have just had my first Amazon review (in UK) saying lovely, lovely things.

  5. Wheee! It's the month for new releases. I've just stolen all your photos for my blog … *g* Good luck with the launch!

  6. You're very welcome, Karen. I shall do my best on Twitter and Facebook for you!

    It is a fab month for books — Kate Elliott's latest, a new Jim Butcher…

  7. I've literally just finished Stormlord's Exile. I found the title a bit confusing as it doesn't really apply to the content, perhaps Stormlord's Kick Ass would have been better! I so loved the whole series. This last installment was exciting, nail biting and had me speed reading and having to go back as I couldn't wait to find out what happened. The characters really came into their own, their 'magic' blossomed as the book went on. Whilst it was a fantastic ending with all things 'wrapped up' there is still more I want to know. My mind is realing, what will Kedri & Amber be able to do? How will the world change? Will Ravard ever re-appear? Oooo, I so want another book to follow on from this, pleeeaaase!!

  8. Thank you, Lucy!

    I don't have any plans for another Stormlord book at the moment, but who knows the future?

    As for the title, if you think of a stormlord as being more than just Shale/Jasper, it will make sense. Terelle+Jasper = one stormlord and in the end they exile themselves. And the Waterpainters and the waterlords from Khromatis are also stormlords, even though they don't use that term…

  9. I must say a story about Ravard would certainly follow from where we left him. In fact you could certainly write lots of stories in that world Glenda, you left yourself enough openings.

    'Course 've got to sell the spice book you are writing now.

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