More in the tailorbird saga

It was raining this morning. And windy. Outside out bedroom window I could hear the baby bird yelling to be fed, non stop. After breakfast (mine) I realised it was still yelling, non-stop. I peeked into the nest from the bedroom. Empty. Just 7 full days after hatching and the parents chose an awful day to entice them out of the nest.

But something was definitely wrong. I went outside. In the street I could hear one baby bird calling and the parents. But the other was still under our window. After much, much searching, I finally found it under the grille of the drain, sitting miserably and very vocally in the water. It was mightily happy to be rescued and sat shivering in my (muddy)hand. I cupped my other hand over the top until it had warmed up, then my husband took this photo, and I placed it high on the pot-plants on our front veranda. One of the parents soon found it and it has been vocally demanding food all morning (and getting it from mum) while dad manages the other youngster further away.


More in the tailorbird saga — 4 Comments

  1. That was a lucky little bird. It's wonderful how the parents will tend their young even in very difficult situations. I came across a baby dove that had left the nest much too early in the garden. Its mother had it hidden on the ground under some plants ( not ideal but as dry and protected as she could manage with a baby not yet able to fly). She was keeping it warmly tucked under her wings and both parents were feeding it – and we are arrogant enough to think we are the only species that really ares for our young.

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