Second review — this one from the Romantic Times

As you may remember I was pretty chuffed to get a great review from Publishers’ Weekly for Stormlord’s Exile. And now I’ve had another great review, this one from the Romantic Times (which doesn’t just review pure romance…)

As follows:

This fast-paced read, full of action-adventure and danger, is a fitting finale to Larke’s Stormlord trilogy. Her imagined world is unique, yet recognizable enough in people and habits that we mere mortals have little trouble understanding it. Her characters, especially Shale and Terelle, shine brighter than the sun.

4 stars (compelling – page-turner)


Second review — this one from the Romantic Times — 4 Comments

  1. I've literally just finished Stormlord's Exile. I found the title a bit confusing as it doesn't really apply to the content, perhaps Stormlord's Kick Ass would have been better! I so loved the whole series. This last installment was exciting, nail biting and had me speed reading and having to go back as I couldn't wait to find out what happened. The characters really came into their own, their 'magic' blossomed as the book went on. Whilst it was a fantastic ending with all things 'wrapped up' there is still more I want to know. My mind is realing, what will Kedri & Amber be able to do? How will the world change? Will Ravard ever re-appear? Oooo, I so want another book to follow on from this, pleeeaaase!!

  2. Thank you, Lucy!

    I don't have any plans for another Stormlord book at the moment, but who knows the future?

    As for the title, if you think of a stormlord as being more than just Shale/Jasper, it will make sense. Terelle+Jasper = one stormlord and in the end they exile themselves. And the Waterpainters and the waterlords from Khromatis are also stormlords, even though they don't use that term…

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