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  1. Oh most definitely, had it on order from for ever. Mind you, I've chewed my nails up to my elbows waiting.

  2. So next you'll in for arm surgery, Jo?? Help, I hope it matches up to the expectations. This one has been a long wait, I know…

  3. I am desperately trying to get my local Dymocks to confirm it will be in before I skip the country on the 1/8, but of course it's not up to them. Hopefully it will be in in time for it to be a plane book 🙂

    Do you know, Glenda, when various ebook stores will have it? I've looked on iBooks and the presence of your backlist is a tad sporadic (in the sense that a random and incomplete selection is there from Voyager AU).

    I don't want to be forced to wait for the UK edition because the Australian covers are (always) my favourite. ;-p

  4. (Actually, I should have asked, do you know why only some of your books are ebookified? It seems a little baffling that 2 and 3 of Mirage Makers is there, but not 1…)

  5. Ah, the mysteries of eBooks… Voyager have lagged behind in this generally, I think. Firstly because they weren't mentioned in my early contracts at all, so a new contract had to be negotiated. Then they just didn't do it fast, I guess because of manpower issues.

    I have no idea how good they are, but I note from Trudi's tweets that she has been finding mistakes in some of her eBooks (dunno from what publishers, though).Things like no text breaks between scenes, etc. Very annoying.

    My agents is dealing with some of this as we speak…

  6. I have over 200 ebooks presumably from different publishers and mistakes of all kinds are very common. What really tees me off is that I cannot correct them. I could in a book although books don't normally have so many errors.

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