Swancon/Natcon was SO good.

If you weren’t there, I’m sorry. You missed something really, really special.

There were, I think, four main reasons:

The venue – the Hyatt has a big circular open lounge in the middle and all the rooms used were nearby, with the result that everyone passed through this central area on their way to and from panels/art exhibition/dealers’ room etc. That way you couldn’t help but meet everyone sooner or later.
The guests – they were fabulous: Sean Williams, Justina Robson, Ellen Datlow and Sarah Xu.
The size of the con – just right for intimacy but not small enough to be incestuous.
The friendliness of the SFF folk, of West Australia in particular, but of all attendees in general.

Glitches in organisation? Sure, aren’t there always? But everyone was cool and none of it mattered much. Everyone was having way too much fun!

I didn’t take photos, but have a look at Cat Sparks’. See here.


Swancon/Natcon was SO good. — 3 Comments

  1. Sounds like a good time was had…someday maybe I'll be famous enough for an Australian con like this to invite me over…

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