Question: When is an egg not real?

Answer: when you have a city person forgetting that chickens aren’t a machine.

I’m serious. There has been a hilarious episode in Malaysia at the moment, where a complaint to the Consumers’ Asscociation of Penang (CAP) led to a kerfuffle where eggs were being tested to see if they were…wait for it…”fake” eggs from China. They looked like eggs – with a shell, yolk and white, but were not, according to a spokesman from CAP, real. Someone, they said, was faking eggs in (according to me) what must surely have been an incredibly complicated and expensive process costing ten times the price of a real egg.


CAP said they were weird shapes and odd colours…and had no taste. Excuse me while I roll around the floor laughing.

I was brought up on a poultry farm. Hens are not machines. They are living, breathing creatures. They lay brown eggs, white eggs, odd shaped eggs, huge double-yoked eggs, eggs with blood spots, pale yolked eggs, dark yolked eggs (according to what they have been eating), eggs with ridges on the shells, and so on. Such eggs are usually sold to places like biscuit factories, cheaply.


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  1. *laughter* I grew up on my grandparents' farm and my chores including collecting the eggs from the dozen or two chickens. What you said, in spades. And when the chickens got old and stopped laying, they became roasting chickens instead.

    Although I didn't care for it at the time, in retrospect I'm really glad that my upbringing including years on my grandparents' farm and on a series of US Forest Service bases with my father, because I pity the city slickers who don't realize where their food (and wood) is coming from.

  2. Have you watched the youtube video posted by anonymous. It appears there are such things in China. Unless this is a complete hoax, but the broadcaster definitely made a yolk.

  3. Hello Glenda,

    (Not chicken or egg related!)

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  4. Ok, I watched the video. You know what? I cannot imagine that in Malaysia anyone would go through all that to make an egg when a hen will do it for you. Let alone add the cost of transporting to Malaysia.

    Mind you, having said that, I refuse to buy any food product made in China anyway. So much is poisonous with additives.

    And I can't help thinking of that birder from Cambodia who died of malaria because he was given fake medicine.

    These Penang eggs were tested, and were real.

  5. What amused me was the fake egg first shown had the chalzea in place – and they weren't included in the making process.

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