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The real heyday of this city lasted just over a hundred years, the whole of the 12th century, when it sustained anywhere from 80,000 to 150,000 people. At the beginning of that century, London had about 18,000.

An entrance gate through the wall
Offerings at one of the ancient statues
900 years later, still standing
Bayon Temple, the heart of Angkor Thom. That’s us…
How we know a little about Khmer life in the 12th century

Note the lady with the tortoise which is biting the butt of the man in front…

Another example of present and past Buddhism
These towers were apparently used as the base for tightropes and acrobatics


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  1. More incredible pix Glenda, thanks for sharing. Thinking about the age factor, the Greeks and the Romans were building pretty impressively even before that time weren't they? Certainly a lovely spot for a vacation.

  2. Have you ever visited Greece. Its not just the temples etc. themselves, its the wonderful spots they chose to build in the first place.

  3. Thinking about it, what exactly does angkor mean Glenda? One is very familiar with the word, but I don't know exactly how to define it. I always thought it meant temple or something similar.

  4. Angkor Thom means great city; Angkor Wat means city temple.

    Yes, I've been Greece. I was fearfully impressed with some of the really old stuff – like Mikenae or the Minoan civilisation – the idea that people could achieve so much so long ago.

    BTW, I've just been over at the Scolopax Chronicles — I would fill my house with Mike's paintings if I could. They are just wonderful.

  5. Thanks Glenda, I had got it wrong obviously.

    I am pleased to say we own three of Mike's originals and dozens of prints which are beautiful too. The prints aren't so expensive maybe you could get one or two. Of course, being family, we get special rates LOL.

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