Nature’s tailoring

Help, one week since I blogged. I am neglecting this lately…just two many other things going on in my life which are simply too dull to mention!!

Well except this. Now this is cool:

This is the front of our house, looking from the front lawn at the front door. 
Note the red X in the middle.

Behind that X there is a pair of tailorbirds industriously building a nest – tailoring it, in fact, using their own brand of thread. More photos will follow, but for now, I don’t want to disturb them.

Here’s another photo showing the front door to the left. The nest is inside that big leaf directly to the left of the ‘N’ in NEST. These birds are tiny…less than 12 cm/5″ from the tip of their beaks to the tip of their rather long tails. Their bodies are half that! They could sit on your finger and you wouldn’t even feel the weight.


Nature’s tailoring — 2 Comments

  1. Smaller than a hummingbird then? How fascinating.

    Who does all your gardening, you have so many plants in pots, must take forever to look after them?

    And yes, stop neglecting us, we need our regular dose of Tropic Temper *g*

  2. Depends on the hummingbird…

    We have a gardner come in once a week for a couple of hours who does all the heavy stuff.

    I shall have to start leading a more interesting life so I have something to blog about…

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