Mary Victoria …

…is a N.Z. writer I met in September at Worldcon. This month she has Book 2 coming out in her trilogy: ” Chronicles of the Tree.”

I just LOVE the setting of these books. At one stage in the far distance past, I did briefly consider  writing a book about everyone living in trees, and gave up on the idea because…well, because I’m not half as ingenious as Mary! She took the idea of just one tree, and made it into a believable, wondrous world, peopled with interesting characters with interesting problems. 

So this month she is celebrating strong women in books over at her website. Pop over there from time to time and click on “Journal” to see what Mary and another bunch of writers have to say about the subject. Nicole Murphy is the first.


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  1. Glenda

    Thanks for the heads-up – Amazon UK has them both for the Kindle, so I've bought them.

    10 second delivery is so great!


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