News and flower pots…

This is the view from our family room of the orchid shade house.

And in amongst the orchids closest to the window, there is a bulbul nest…and yes, those yellow dangling things are the heavily perfumed blossoms. So not only do I have flowers, I also have birds in the hanging pot!

Today I sent back to the proofs of “Stormlord’s Exile”.  Tomorrow I am going to Fraser’s Hill again to be one of the trainers for a session on birding.

The other piece of news I have is that it looks as if “The Masks of Yedron” will not be the next book I write after all. It will get written, just not yet… Such is the world of publishing. One never knows what is around the corner. And no, I can’t say yet exactly what the next book is going to be, or when I’ll be able to tell you.


News and flower pots… — 2 Comments

  1. Must be nice having orchids in your back yard, we have to nurture them carefully in pots. As for birds, I miss our feeders and nests which we had in North Carolina, not that we had bulbuls then of course.

  2. Lovely flowers. My sister-in-law grows glorious cymbidiums outside but I haven't had much luck with them. Still my cactus flowers are lovely which kind of makes up for it.

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