The wonderful people organising Swancon/Natcon* in Perth Western Australia 2011, have included me in their list of invited guests. Many, many thanks to Alisa and the team.

You can read all about the event here. And just look at the list of people I’ll be getting to spend time with! The main guests are Ellen Datlow, Justina Robson and Sean Williams, but there are loads of other wonderful people going to be there too.

So, of course, that made up my mind. Twisted the arm of my boss (April is a busy month in the project) and said that I’m going. Now to find the money for the fare to get there…  

….#Honey, sweetheart…how many miles have you got on your Malaysian Airlines Enrich card? You don’t really need them, do you?#

* This is the 36th Swancon and the 50th National Australian SF Convention.


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