Sort of.

Have spent the last couple of days silenced by the state of my throat, so a good time to work, no?

And I spent the time working on my book-proposal-come-synopsis. Which is something I hate above all other writing jobs. You try writing a summary of a story that is unbelievably complicated and full of weird stuff, each element of which you can’t possibly explain in less than a chapter. Sigh. Anyway, it has been done and put aside for a day or two to stew before submitting, but I shall let you all in on the secret…

The titles I have settled on.
Now, if you’ve been around a while, you will know that never yet have the first titles I thought of been what we ended up with, but what the heck. I try. And here they are:

This one’s a duology or whatever it is you call two-book-ologies. So the duology is called The Hidden Kingdom. Book One is The Masks of Yedron. Book Two is The Thwarted Prince.

And that’s all about it for now.

And in other news, Jo (bless her) just sent me a gorgeous online advent calendar with all the whistles and bells. I’m actually dying for December the 1st to see what it does!


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  1. So now I am not only waiting for the last of the Watergivers trilogy but am titillated about your new pair of books. Dunno about duology, maybe that's right.

    As for the calendar, you are very welcome. I bought one for myself too so am also waiting to see what happens on Dec. 1.

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