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As those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook will know, husband got noramlyed. Again. You see, he was so jealous of my huge, never-to-be-forgotten bit of noramlying, by an Icelandic volcano no less, that he decided to do the same thing. His flight was cancelled because of Mt Merapi in Indonesia. (Remember the photos I took of Borobodur? That volcano.) He was on his way to Bandung. He managed to go the next day by flying to Jakarta and then taking a taxi with others for 3 and a half hours…halfway across Java. So folks, we don’t do anything by halves when we travel.

I managed to hand in the 65pp of the report, which is now being digested by other people, so I’m freed – a bit – to do other stuff. Like write a book proposal. And do no less than two copy edits. But there is still much to be done for the project, so I continue to be extra busy…

And I’m sick. Lost my voice entirely. Which many people will probably think is a really, really good thing … Tried to do without antibiotics, but it just got worse, so I gave in. I slept 13 hours out of 24 hours and feel loads better now. Still sound like a adolescent drake with its voice breaking, but I’ll live.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your sickness Glenda, look after yourself.

    Funny about you two and volcanos – other people have travel problems, but you two have to go whole hog with your noramlying. Just so nobody else can compete!!!

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