One of my favourite places

The canopy walkway at Borneo Rainforest Lodge.
Dawn in the mist. The morning sounds of gibbons.
Breakfast while watching a trogon, or a pygmy squirrel.
The ringing call of the Chestnut-necklaced Partidge.
The monotonous tone of the Black and Crimson Pitta.
The diabolical laughter of the Helmetted Hoirnbill.
Looking down on the river
Looking down on the canopy and the walkway from far above in the tree
I am privileged. I have been there. I have heard the sounds of the Bornean rainforest.


One of my favourite places — 5 Comments

  1. You do like rubbing it in don't you? LOL

    Wonderful pix Glenda. Yes you are privileged and what wonderful privileges to receive.

    Still green

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