Coming home to reality…

The problem with going away to a lovely place is that you have to come back. And when you come back, you have to do stuff. You know, like dry the tent, do the washing, clean your muddy boots, air your sleeping bag, write a book proposal, write a book, do a copy edit … and write the trip report. Yep, this was a working trip. I have another such working trip this month too.

But then I can think back, and remember things like this:

A closer look at some of the simple accommodation of Royal Belum Park, Perak, Malaysia
One of the orang asli (indigenous people) villages within the park
The team at work. Mount Titi Basah in the background.


Coming home to reality… — 8 Comments

  1. It is lovely, but how are the bugs? Although you probably take pictures of that mozzie sucking your blood instead of slapping it like most of us LOL.

    What do you eat and who does the cooking?

  2. We ate very badly – grabbing bread and hard boiled eggs or instant mee. No time for cooking!

    Insects? Somne mozzies, but there are more around my house in the city. Quite a few leeches, though. And yes, hot during the day. Cool at night though. Even quite nippy before dawn.

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