Creepy cows

Bullied birders … pun intended

We park the car and the trouble begins…the crowd starts to gather, regarding us with cold stares, in grim silence…
They call in reinforcements, using some method of telepathy, because not a word is uttered…
Intimidation by staring us down begins…
They circle us, spreading out…staring unblinkingly, watching our every move.

Finally we capitulate and leave.

But even more creepily, when we return later on that day – just driving past the same field without stopping – the cows came galloping down the hill to chase us until we vanished from sight.

Tasmania, you have truly creepy cows.


Creepy cows — 6 Comments

  1. I think Tanith Lee wrote a story abort sheep with razor sharp teeth, looks like you only attracted the grass eating cows!!!
    You don't look too cowed by them!!

  2. At university, we used to have a professor who would go and lie upside down with his feet in the air in a paddock to prove his point that dairy cows are curious. Or you could park a vehicle that looks like a space ship on the other side of the fence. Pretty much the same thing, really 😉
    Dairy cows are 1. used to people (they get people handling their intimate bits on a daily basis, after all), and 2. very curious

  3. Nah, Patty, your reasoning is wrong. If they were used to humans, they wouldn't be so curious…

    My recollection is that these were not only beef cattle, but they were young males…hmmm. Not so different from packs in their late teens ogling what's available on a Saturday night…

    I think I'll go with Satima's remark!

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