Working again…

You know, the day job thingy. Not that fun writing stuff that’s so easy I can whip up in a book in my spare time in a few weeks…
I actually thought the second phase of the birding tourism project was never going to take off, but it has, so I have just spent two days back in the rat-race (read: Kuala Lumpur traffic jams) attending meetings and thinking of everything except writing the next book.

Having a centre core around my heart that is all written words and plot-lines, naturally I want to get started on the next one. I’ve written a couple of hundred words of what will possibly be a duology called “The Hidden Kingdom“. But alas, it will have to wait…

If I get a reading slot at Worldcon, I probably could be bribed into doing a reading of what I have written so far of this new book. It is set in the Havenstar world of a disintegrating land, peopled by citizens desperately trying to find a way to hold their world together. This time it’s a different country with a different solution for keeping the Unmaker at bay, and a different set of characters.



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  1. Does this mean that Havenstar will be released with your current publisher? I'm lucky that I already have a copy but I have a friend who whines whenever she sees it on my shelf! I very much enjoyed that world and would love another book set there!

  2. Hi JM – I haven't sold another work yet. In fact, haven't tried as yet, what with the third book not out …

    My agent, though, has been begging me for first chapters and a synopsis, but I haven't supplied them yet.

    I very much want Havenstar to be re-issued as well.

  3. "the day job thingy"
    – tell me about it! But, on the other hand you are streaks ahead of me in terms of out put…

    "I've written a couple of hundred words of what will possibly be a duology called "The Hidden Kingdom".
    – Yay!

    "But alas, it will have to wait…"
    – Boo!

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