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Stormlord RisingRead the whole thing here at the Rob Will Review blog.

“…Then the storm hits.
“It hits in a blaze of war and blood, steel and sand.  Big events happen, and, more interestingly and more importantly, big changes take place in the minds and souls of the main characters.  One finds he has started becoming a leader, and events only hasten that particular forging.  Several characters find themselves compromising their morals and beliefs, for a number of reasons–one woman to save her unborn child, another to help the man she loves…”
“…I don’t want to say too much for fear of spoiling the book’s events, but I do want to make mention of how impressed I am at the evolution of events and relationships within the books.  It’s not always a simple question of defeating the Big Bad who was there from the beginning.  There are victories and losses and new enemies grow out of past events.  The picture changes.
“It’s exciting.  It’s excellent.
“It’s Stormlord Rising.”
The Last Stormlord

Oh, sands. My intermittent medical condition –  a swelled head – has returned. Maybe I should pop over to Good Reads for a cure, and re-read the reviewer who said (of The Last Stormlord): “600+ pages of boring world-building without a plot with a resolution.”

I love reviews. You never know what you’ll get! 

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  1. I missed that Goodreads review, whoever it was wants their head examined. However, I guess its each to their own. As Liberace once said about a bad review, it made his brother cry all the way to the bank. I wish you could make as much from your books. It fascinates me these days to read excellent books like yours and then hear of others where the author's first book has shot to the top of the best sellers list and then sold all over the world, one wonders, how does this happen.

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