The Phlegmatic Toad

Well, actually real name is the Asiatic Toad. But that’s not a very impressive name, and this fellow didn’t bat an eyelid while I took photographs.

I disturbed him when I was cleaning the front verandah. That black line around the eye is the paratoid gland – toads have poison glands, frogs don’t.

And toads walk, did you know that?

Because they have much shorter, less powerful back legs.


The Phlegmatic Toad — 10 Comments

  1. I assume you mean as opposed to hopping. No, I didn't know that. Never had to much contact with toads, avoided them as a kid because we all believed they could cause warts.

  2. Peter, you're dead right. They belong to the same family, Bufonidae.

    Australia didn't have any of that family at all … once upon a time.

  3. I learned about your books and your blog through your husband Dr. Noramly when I visited KL as an assistant to Dr. KunMo Chung. Dr. Noramly was very proud of you. I visited your blog and I am fascinated by your interest in nature and especially by the wonderful photos you took! Too bad, we do not see these kinds of creatures in Seoul.

    from Seoul, Korea
    Soonuk Jung

  4. Wish I had someone like Noramly to promote my blog internationally like that. I am not surprised he is proud of you Glenda, you certainly deserve family pride.

  5. Jo, I believe he managed to sell some of my books to Canadians while he was at a recent conference in Tunisia, (by twisting their arms to visit Amazon?)

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