A Walk in Cardiff

Below: About all the birding that I am doing this trip…

All these photos were taken on a walk from my daughter’s house to the centre of Cardiff.
And, I might say that every time I come to the UK, the weather is fabulous. I have been in the UK too many times for me to be certain of the number of times – ten at least, and never less than 10 days at a time, spread over 30 years, and I have hardly ever had a grey, miserable or rainy day. If what everybody says about British weather is really true, then I think they should consider employing me as a weather warden. Just send for me, and my presence will change things around to gorgeous blue skies and balmy breezes.

Of course, you may also end up without any air travel available. I mean, that is the sort of thing is old hat to those who get noramlyed. Although I must admit, I seem to have outdone myself this time, haven’t I? It is a bit over-the-top cosmic-scale disruption when travel plans involve volcanic eruptions in Iceland…


A Walk in Cardiff — 6 Comments

  1. I never thought of this as being noramlyed, but of course, its all your fault. You have screwed up travel all over Europe and over here too. If your books could have this much influence……..!

    Lovely pix, don't think I was eer there. Love the statues.

  2. Ah, should never underestimate the power of noramly travel karma…

    The statues are great, aren't they? Victoriana I believe.

  3. I'll tell you, the next time I plan to travel somewhere, I will make damn sure you are safely ensconced at home LOL.

    I have never seen statues like that, I think the pelican on the roof is particularly clever.

  4. Hi Glenda, there isn't any chance that you could be staying in the UK between, say, August and December, is there? My girlfriend and I are heading over and it'd be lovely to see the sun at some point, not to mention the possibility of bumping into you! We'd just have to make sure we're not on the same plane ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Hendo – help, I hope not. Thee will be planes put before August, right?

    Actually, I suppose there are ways now – I could get a train or bus to an open airport somewhere in southern Europe, and then fly home from there, but I just can't afford the expense. I have a ticket out from Heathrow on Sri Lankan Air, and I have to wait till they fly…

  6. Hehe, I think with the way The Last Stormlord is selling Glenda, you could probably just walk into a Barnes and Noble store and ask someone for a lift ๐Ÿ˜‰

    No reason for alarm, I was actually just hoping you might be taking another trip back, Rachel doesn't handle the cold very well and my feet suffer as a result, hehe. Apparently they've already attempted a few test flights without any problems.

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