No wyverns, but…

Drove down to Devon to meet my agent today, which involved transversing darkest Somerset. So Cheryl Morgan, Somerset resident, warned us to look out for wyverns – but maybe Somerset has left the dragon age behind and entered the era of steam punk.

Engine 5521 was on the rampage, apparently hellbent on making roadkill of our our pursuing VW Golf.


No wyverns, but… — 5 Comments

  1. Ah, yes, the wonderful British way of transfering locomotives — by road! This happens a rediculous amount of the time, because it's often very difficult to move the things over the rails for which they're meant to run due to various company rules, Network Rail pathing restrictions, or overly-restrictive safety rules.

  2. Kevin – it does seem a little, um, odd. Had a great day with Cheryl today, btw.

    Jo, Martha – dragons seem popular in plastic versions in this part of the world.

  3. Ah yes, the Tintagel Dragon – I've got a book all about him. He's done some marvellous things.

    At least the loco was on the back of a truck. My sister and I got stuck in a line of traffic last year behind a traction engine which was towing its fuel container AND a land rover – it took us 45 minutes to travel SIX miles! Sis was very glad I was driving because she would have found somewhere to turn around (as many did) and found another way to get to Helston.

    Me, I just put the car in lowest gear and tootled along enjoying the Cornish countryside! And that was on the first day we had rain in our two weeks of gallivanting – the other day was when we drove from Helston to Cardiff.

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