Some of that news I promised you…

Some time ago I said that I’d had some snippets of exciting news. The biggest bit comes later this week, and for me it’s over the top, but more of that probably on Thursday.

What I want to tell you about at the moment doesn’t actually happen until the end of the month and into April, and it is this: has a blog called Babel Clash for Sf/F readers and writers. And it is one helluva fun place to be.

And I am delighted that they have asked me to blog over there from March 30th to 12th April. During that time you won’t find me here much! I am so looking forward to this… The moderator, Morgan, does a fabulous job of throwing out topics to argue.

Another author will be on at the same time, Celine Kiernan, who’s an Irish YA writer and artist, and just looking at her books makes me want to be a young adult all over again…


Some of that news I promised you… — 5 Comments

  1. Oh I just picked your book up from the lovely local bookshop!!! Unfortunately I have to go out tonight so I have to make the most of my time before I go. I'm up to the make a land canoe from a pide part!!

  2. Shhh 2paw, don't say anything. I read the first chapter on line and that was bad enough. I have just sent a friend an Interac email so she can buy the book for me. I will still have to possess my soul in patience for a while yet.

    Hope you enjoy posting on Babel Clash Glenda, never been there of course. Guess I will now.

  3. Dear Jo, I was trying to be as non-spoilery as possible. And I am a poor typist, so they are not making a canoe out of Turkish pita bread (pide!!!)

  4. I'm just kidding you 2paw. Of course I know what you meant by pide or should it be pede??? Make a good sled I guess.

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