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I’ve noticed an increase in the pirating of my books. As fast as one gets taken down, some sod of a book-thief asked for a site to put it up again. You want a free book, go to a library.

Piracy is stealing. Don’t do it. If you want to know why (apart from the fact that it makes you a criminal): see this article by Shiloh Walker.

And to all of you who buy books, I adore you. Over in UK, on the day that The Last Stormlord became available on Amazon, it sold out!! However, they have copies again now…

In the meantime, I anxiously await a review of Stormlord Rising from Australia, or a comment from someone who has actually finished it. Some 15 or so people have told me they think it is fabulous “so far” …but I haven’t heard from anyone who has actually got to the end yet. My nails are down to the quick…


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  1. I didn't realise books got pirated. Not quite sure how they do that. As you say, if you want a free book, go to the library. That reminds me I must ask my library to get the first book of yours. I know I have read it, but it will make sure others can too even if they can't afford to buy it for themselves.

  2. It's so hard to convince people that they are actually thieves with regard to piracy. I've had this argument with folk who would never dream of shoplifting but who can't see that this is exactly the same.

  3. Weird, isn't it? They'd never walk into a bookshop and walk out again with an unpaid-for book in their handbag…why this? In fact, it is worse, because sometimes the people who download from a torrent site actually donate money to the thieves!!!!!!

    Crime in fact does pay.

  4. HI Glenda, I said i would post this on your private e mail but this site is just as good. The first 600 pages were like a stole raincloud- only a trickle at first, the at page 400-420 the torrent began- like the flow from the mother cistern to the waterhall. I found myself laughing, crying, trembling. Cant wait to see how last 90 pages come out!! joe crawford

  5. Joe, thanks so much for letting me know. I am so glad it wasn't a letdown – as books are sometimes when one has high expectations!

    Zarina, hi! How are you? I expect it will be available in a month or so at most big bookshops.

  6. Hi Glenda, I just finished reading stormlord rising and I jet say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am currently writing my first book which is also fantasy. I also must say there were a few things that irritated me; she tends to be a push over though u portray him ad cunning, what is to stop him from simply saying 'fine u don't like where I send rain then why don't you do it yourself'.
    It might simply be my character that is making me feel this way,but I am eagerly awaiting the final book

  7. Hello Glenda.

    I've just finished reading the first book and sent email to MPH asking for the second book (they don't have it online so far. In fact of, I get the first book in early Nov, I think)

    Your first book was amazing!! Ika Koeck, a writer Age of Wonder recommend to me in her FB.

    Can't wait to read the 2nd and the 3rd book! Good job Glenda!

  8. Thank you! MPH tends to wait until it's available in UK or US, rather than in Australia, because their books are cheaper. So they are a bit slow getting here.

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