Reviews, reviews, reviews…

This is a new experience for me. First of all that there are reviews galore, and secondly that they are so uniformly brilliant. Sooner or later someone is going to kick my butt, surely…?
Never mind, I am having a ball enjoying the fact that other people enjoy my books. Wallowing in it, in fact. Like eating Belgian chocolate cake with real cream…without feeling queasy.
But do apologise to you, my blog readers. I am sure you are getting sick of the diet, but I can’t stop! I adore reviews! Never mind, if you don’t want to read yet another extract from yet another review, skip to the pictures instead. Taken when we were birding in Brisbane. The bird is Australia’s approximation to a wild turkey, actually a Brush-Turkey and a mound builder. You are quite likely to see them in carparks and town parks…
This is extract from the Rob Will Review and the review is by Thomas Scofield:

… That, I think, brings me to what was my absolute favorite aspect of the book: the intricacy of character and events. There is a sinister plot, and the way the plot evolves with the characters, because of their actions and the way events complicate themselves based on responses and reactions of the characters…the plot is truly a function of character.
However, it is not just the characters that are fully realized. The world is masterfully understood by its creator. Religion impacts life in wonderfully interesting ways and the pull between the priesthood and the politicians shows some very great potential. The history of the Quartern and her cities is well thought out and reveals very interesting details about the foundations of the conflict that is the driving force behind the story.


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  1. I am sure you are enjoying the reviews which are so good, but then so is the book. All these praises are fully justified in my opinion and I am sure that opinion is shared by many.

    Enjoyed the pictures too.

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