My Tropical Cloudmaster

You know, in the true tropics where the monsoons aren’t that big a deal, it is very hard to predict the weather. It may rain every day somewhere, but whether it hits your place or somewhere 10 kms away is in the lap of the rain gods.

But I have an excellent cloudmaster right here in the house. My husband. He has worked out how to bring rain to our house within the next seven hours, max, probably quicker. Never fails. Talk about magic in real life…

You want to know his secret? Come closer and I’ll whisper it in you ear so You Too Can Make It Rain.

He waters the garden.


My Tropical Cloudmaster — 4 Comments

  1. Hosting a BBQ works pretty well for us. I've lost count of the times my poor husband has stood outside barbequeing under an umbrella while everyone else shivered inside.

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