Weekend Breakfast

And you had something boring like fried eggs for breakfast this morning?

This is what was on our breakfast table. It’s a Kelantanese dish (Kelantan is one of Malaysia’s northern peninsular states, known for its good food).

It goes by the name of Nasi Kerabu, which translates as Salad Rice. And a very complete meal it is too, all wrapped in waxed paper and costing just US$1.00 in our local open market down the street.

The rice is coloured with the juice of a common wayside flower.
There’s a small fried fish flavoured with tumeric, half a salted duck egg, some prawn crackers some coconut fried with spices, some green sprouts.

So what did you have for Saturday breakfast?


Weekend Breakfast — 8 Comments

  1. Being in a hotel I tried to stick to something relatively healthy and had raisin bran (the raisins were as tough as old boots) and a bagel with cream cheese. Would have swapped with you any time. I loved the look of the blue rice, so different. Is the colour sold in the stores.

  2. What was that about "impossibly exotic"?:-)

    Me, I have the same every day – a porridge made from oat bran, psyllium husks, almonds, pine nuts and walnuts. Don't worry, it doesn't taste too bad mixed with flavoured yoghurt. And it's supposed to be awfully good for you.

  3. I had baked beans on toast – because I'd forgotten to buy milk and didn't have enough to make porridge the way I like to make it.

  4. I had a 1 qt.green smoothie (raw spinach, cilantro, radish tops, green onions, garlic, carrot, parsley, cucumber, blended in blender with 2 C organic tomato juice, sea salt and a big bold dash of cayenne pepper. Ate it with a spoon. Took me all morning to finish it.

  5. Nuri, I am not at all surprised it took you all morning!

    Pip – if ever I leave Malaysia, food will be at the top of the list of things missed.

    Relatively healthy, Jo?

    Satima, I am also a porridge eater. Relic of childhood breakfasts. None of this sugary cereal stuff for us.

    I don't like avacados or baked beans, so neither of those will ever register on my breakfast menu…

  6. Oooh, I love avocados although I have never considered having them for breakfast. I eat them just on their own or with a little salt.

    As for relatively healthy, bagels are a bit high cal. Mind you, this morning at the hotel I had the full Monty!!!

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