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  1. I did. I have been recommending it all over the place. Mentioned it in my blog again yesterday. Wish I had more circulation power to spread the word. Now all I need is Book II which I am waiting for a friend to send me.

  2. Miraculously, UPS delivered the book from Amazon ONE HOUR before I left for the airport to fly up to Vancouver for the Olympics. That was two days earlier than it was promised, so I was a very happy camper.

    Read about 100 pages on the plane, and another 50-60 since I've been here. (I've been interrupted by these silly Olympic games!) Loving it so far — what a rich world!

    My book group (about 12 people) will be reading this within the next few months. đŸ˜‰

  3. I stumbled upon the sample chapters online and liked what I read. I wished for this book for Christmas, but it wasn't out yet. My lovely parents remembered that I wanted it and bought it for me yesterday. I can't wait to read it.

  4. Amy – great! Hope you enjoyed the Olympics too!

    Margaret, let me know what you thought…

    And Jo, I think I ought to employ you as marketing agent. You do a great job!

  5. I really enjoyed to book. I like it so much that I almost want to pay more to get the lastest edition from Australia because I don't want to wait til august for the next. You really wevaed together a wonderful and intriging tale. I am glad I decided to make this blind purchase.

  6. True Glenda, but I think she likes to read the English versions for the language practice. She certainly read all the Isles of Glory books in English.

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