Taking a 5-yr-old shopping…


…to a rather posh furniture/handicraft/art shop in Kuala Lumpur.

Above: the ground floor of the shop in Jalan Maarof, Bangsar
Above: grandson contemplates the fountain

And then turns his attention to a statue of Buddha…

And yes, sometimes shops in Asia request you to take off your shoes.


Taking a 5-yr-old shopping… — 5 Comments

  1. Gorgeous kid – and obviously a bit of a ham:-)

    I am reminded of a time when I was about seven, and my mother took me and my then four year old cousin David into Manchester when she went Christmas shopping. In Lewis's department store, David managed to disappear twice. The first time, an irate window dresser removed him from the toy window and the second time, we only noticed he was missing when a lovely decorative fountain in Santa's grotto stopped running. "David!" my mother exclaimed, setting off a a fair trot – and sure enough, he was around the back of the fountain, dismantling the electrics!

  2. David followed the family pattern of working in the engineering trades, yes. Men of my FLAVELL line – and many of the women, too – have worked with metal since at least the C17. Some of them, women especially, worked at home making nails on a small forge in a garden shed. In more recent times, the men have become fitters, boilermakers and engineers of various kinds. My eldest son is a fitter, but the tradition might end with him as none of the next generation has gone into the metal trades.

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