Aurealis Awards: some statistics for Fantasy Novels

I got this info from here (Wapedia). It made me giggle…

Multi-time winners of the award include Sara Douglass (three wins), Juliet Marillier (three wins), Garth Nix(two wins), Jane Routley (two wins), and Sean Williams(two wins). Sara Douglass holds the record for most nominations, and Glenda Larke has the most nominations without winning, having been a losing finalist four times.*

Lol!! It will probably go up this year as The Last Stormlord is my fifth short listing…


* Technically, the use of the word “nomination” is incorrect here. Any book which is eligible can be nominated and usually is. Thus what I have is the most short listings without winning.


Aurealis Awards: some statistics for Fantasy Novels — 6 Comments

  1. There's a really good chance that The Last Stormlord is going to ruin your recordbreaking run, how disappointing 😉

    Do they have an Aurealis Losers Party like the Hugos? (Although I think its now the 'Nominees' party…)

  2. It must be your turn this time, surely! Heaven knows The Last Stormlord is a winner, but of course it all boils down to who likes what. A friend of mine who has been a judge says that sometimes there is an argument over the winner and neither side will give in, so the win goes to the third placegetter! From what I've heard, this is not uncommon in awards and competitions with more than one judge. But fingers crossed for you this time, Glenda.

  3. Satima: Absolutely right. My sister did the children's book awards one year…if someone really hates a book, sometimes a book or books that the other judges loved will be rejected in favour of one they can all agree was sound.

    However, I still think that awards are a very valuable contribution to the literary world even if the most brilliant book didn't win when someone dug in their heels. It is always a tremendous honour to be nominated.

    Hendo: A losers' party only works if there is a winner's party!! lol…

    Me, I'm just one happy writer, no matter what happens…

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