Gloriously Googling to my blog

Here is some of the googling that brought people to my blog:

  • Wearing wife’s stockings. (This one is an amazingly popular google item. Why bother to google it, people? If your spouse wants to wear your stockings, just tell him he can damn well go and buy his own!)
  • Modern machete makers. (Sorry, wrong blog)
  • Picked it up with her toes. (So what?)

  • Lime green artificial flowers. (No, please. Just – No.)
  • Write date Australia. (Huh?)
  • Wasps bathroom. (You have my sympathy, really. I routinely have frogs, wasps, honey bees, squirrels, rats, shrews, moths a handspan across, centipedes, millipedes, spiders; it’s a bloody zoo in there.)
  • Gay glory holes in Grafton. (Now look, I have NEVER mentioned gay glory holes anywhere, let alone Grafton. I swear. And why do you want to know anyway, hmmm?)
  • What was the name of the Canadian lady who started poppies? (I haven’t a clue. And I’m not sure how you start poppies anyway. Plants seeds maybe?)

Now here’s a couple who truly, truly don’t understand the concept of googling for information:

  • When I was a kid I remember a book I had. (Wow. Only one? Can you remember the title? No? What it was about, perhaps? No? Are you sure it was a book?)
  • If you will prune my orchid I will pay you Rs600 a day for the work, as soon as you have finished. (Just one orchid? Rs600 per orchid? Where do you live again?)*

*This last one took the googler to this site on my blog. Which just goes to show that google has a lot to learn about the art of googling.


Gloriously Googling to my blog — 4 Comments

  1. How odd, I have never really checked out my leads to my page, I shall have to do so. I loved your hospital blog, guess I wasn't reading your blog at that time.

  2. "If your spouse wants to wear your stockings, just tell him he can damn well go and buy his own!"

    Or her own, in all fairness… 😉

  3. With some of those searches, they must assume that Google is sentient.

    In case it is, I will try 'What is the meaning of life' (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).

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