Writing to win a race – how mad is that?

The process of writing is a lonely business. No one shares your chair in front of the computer screen – in fact if anyone talks to you, you are liable to get bad tempered at having your concentration broken.

It’s no wonder, then, that sometimes it seems hard to stay with it…writing…writing…writing while other people are watching something exciting on TV or chatting about interesting things or going out or reading a good book.

Knowing there are two other people out there, trying to do exactly what I am doing, to produce the same number of words (30,000) over the same period of time (15 days), seems to help. The fact that there is a G&T or a cup of coffee riding on the winner (the one to get to the 30,000 first) helps too.

So thanks Carol and Helen.

I made 2,850 words today, the fourth day of those 15. My overall total is 8,330, so I am ahead of the curve. Not bad seeing as I took one whole day off. And these last 4 days have been much more productive than a heck of a lot of the days that preceded them.



Writing to win a race – how mad is that? — 1 Comment

  1. I enjoy spending hours at my computer, on the other hand, I don't 'have' to do it and I can leave and do something else without guilt. I don't have your excuse for leaving the housework. I just hate it.

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