Malaysia’s first science fiction and fantasy club?

Today I went to the “Why-Isn’t-There-an-SFF-Bookclub” bookclub meeting. That’s right, Malaysia now has an SFF bookclub, which – who knows – might one day expand into an actual society and … be running an SFF convention? Hey, let’s set our sights high, ok? In the meantime it’s just a way of getting together to discuss a common interest in SFF books and comics once a month.

You can see the facebook site here and the group’s blog here.

So if you are a genre lover, live around KL and want to join, why not? It’s free!

I went along, didn’t know anyone, and now have three new friends. Yes, there were only 4 of us altogether, (although there are over 20 members on facebook,) but it was a great discussion of “Air” by Geoff Ryman, lots of serious chat, lots of laughs, and a good time had by all. Many many thanks to Maxine and Alina and Zen Cho for starting this.


Malaysia’s first science fiction and fantasy club? — 5 Comments

  1. Maybe I should start one in Kitchener and if we ended up with a convention, I could finally go to one. Most of them are too far away, for my budget apart from anything else.

  2. How cool would that be if you went along to a fledgling SFF bookclub and found Glenda Larke there?

    Joanna (who now has a google account so can sign in like a regular person)

  3. Yay! I've added your blog to the book club blog roll, if that's OK.

    Thanks for coming, Glenda! I felt a bit embarrassed as the organiser that more people didn't come, but it was a very pleasant group nonetheless. 🙂 Plus my mom was quite impressed that our meeting was attended by a Datin. 😛

    – Zen

  4. Oh dear! I missed this one! I was planning to go, but I had a migraine attack which confined me to bed for a couple of days. Darn.

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