Exploring New Jersey: Princeton

Ok, so I admit I had no idea that Princeton was in New Jersey.

Hey, I’m an Australian, ok? If you’d asked me, I would have had a guess at Connecticut. So it was with some surprise that I heard daughter ask if I wanted to go to Princeton for a couple of hours yesterday, as it was only 10 minutes drive away from where we were staying.Of course I said yes, and off we went. A lovely town, and a lovely campus. My daughter was a disparaging. Being an Oxford grad, she was muttering under her breath about Oxbridge wannabes… It was indeed hard not to make comparisons, right down to the rowing on the river.
But who cares. It’s pretty.

There was even a guy in a kilt, with bagpipes…


Exploring New Jersey: Princeton — 3 Comments

  1. Looks like a nice town, my one experience of New Jersey was not good, driving south on a hot day with no a/c in the car and dozens of trucks surrounding us – did you open the window to cool off and be suffocated with fumes, or close the window to be suffocated by heat?

    How come you're not in Virginia?

  2. Jo: Daughter drove to NY to meet me and husband, also flying in from elsewhere. Then a leisurely drive home.

    Karen: when I can stop panicking over the unwritten Book 3..

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