The wrong place at the wrong time.

Remember those days when you used to hear – said in all seriousness – that women “asked for it” when they went out alone at night or wore skimpy clothing?

Well, here’s a new variant on the theme, coming from the Melbourne police, or so it was reported in papers here. It seems that Indian men going out at night carrying things like MP3 players or phones are attacked because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. You know, like travelling home by train at night. Nothing to do with the fact that they are Indian.

Yeah. Tell me another. In fact, just tell me how travelling by public transport can be considered “the wrong place.” Or how being at a party only to be stabbed by gatecrashers is being somewhere “at the wrong time”.

Sorry, Australia. This stinks. Do something about it.


The wrong place at the wrong time. — 3 Comments

  1. No, neither would I. But that’s my point. There should be no such places, certainly not ones on your way home, say, from the university library at night by public transport. These people were in the right places – but the wrong things happened. And that is the business of the police and the public. It is, in fact, a problem that needs to be fixed.

    Unhappily of course, it’s not just there. In my street there is a family who are too scared to sleep in their own house.

  2. What a terrible situation to be in. Is this not a product of society as a whole though? We have become too lenient with our children who, themselves, have too much power anyway. Even if they want to, people are scared to discipline their children unless they be had up for abuse, with the result they are growing up to have no care for anyone else in society and have a total lack of responsibility – I know this doesn’t apply to all kids, but it is becoming more and more prevalent. The law seems to bend over backwards to ensure the rights of the criminals are not infringed and lawyers make a fortune defending these predators.

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