Writer’s day – yipee!

First of all I get reprint copies of book 3 of the Isles of Glory in the mail. Yup, The Tainted has gone to yet another reprint in Australia to match the earlier reprints of book 1 & 2 this year. I do love Voyager Oz; they really get behind their writers and keep books in print.

Secondly, I get an email from one of my publishers’ editors who has just read the latest effort, book 2 in the up and coming trilogy. Among some other nice things, she said “Wow”. And: “it’s a fantastic book (as I’m sure you well know!)”

Actually, I didn’t know. I always think that I have written an absolute lemon until I get an email from an editor…

Guess I am a typical insecure writer with all kinds of hang-ups.

But you know what? Today was a great day.


Writer’s day – yipee! — 3 Comments

  1. Oh yes, such comments from editors must really boost your self esteem. Even good comments from readers probably don't mean quite the same as from the editor.

    Glad you have had such a good day – I'm not surprised the Isles of Glory is doing so well, I loved it.

  2. Thanx, Jo. Tomorrow my Oz editor is telephoning me about the same manuscript, so I am reduced to a quivering mess once more… *sigh*

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