Irony and weirdness: a Malaysian story

On pN32 of The Star today, there is a report of a judicial hearing on a “cleansing ritual” that went hideously wrong. Two people ended up brutally murdered – beaten to death in a “religious” ritual supposed to rid them of their demons.

On p N4 we have a report of something that is not yet violent but which is also diabolically nasty and could head down the same path, as it cons people into believing they – or members of their families/communities – are cursed, hexed by witches or possessed by demons. And this happens…where? Seventeenth century Salem? Nope. In the UK. Among gullible Malaysians who fall victim to wily Malaysian con artists.

Is it bad luck that makes you sick/stressed/fail your exams? Nope. Was it your fault, because you didn’t study hard enough, or because you have a mental illness? Nope. Is it a personality clash that makes your marriage fail? Nope.

It’s witchcraft. Or possession by evil spirits. How long before we’ll have a howling mob stoning supposed witches, one wonders, because people won’t accept they are responsible for their own lives, both successes and failures?

Beware. These two supposed exorcists clothe their nastiness under a veneer of religion and call themselves “The Professional Islamic Support and Nurture Group” or P.I.S.A.N.G (allow me to roll around the floor laughing here – pisang means banana!! These two guys are laughing at you and your gullibility!!)

If you are a Malaysian in UK, or have children studying in the UK, tell your fellow Malaysians to stand up and be adults, not superstitious idiots swayed by the clever con spiel of unscrupulous men like Hamidi and Trimizi. They are taking you for a ride, and making it seem legit by preaching their piety.

I blogged about this once before, here, but if today’s paper is to be believed, this pair of nasties are going from strength to strength. Does no one else care?


Irony and weirdness: a Malaysian story — 3 Comments

  1. I suspect no-one else does care. Its not something most Brits would take notice of. They might read a report or see it on TV, say "how terrible" and move on. It is left to the Malaysians themselves to deal with such an iniquity.

    Bit like here with Muslim fathers beating daughters to death for some religious infraction, there are lots of arms raised in horror, but not much happens. Its called religious freedom. Westerners are bending over backwards to allow various religions to flourish to the extent that although North America is a Christian country, they are no longer allowed to practice their religion in schools because it mind offend religious minorities. We are not supposed to say Merry Christmas for the same reason. I can imagine going to a Muslim country and insisting on our religious freedoms and imposing our beliefs on them – and I'm an agnostic!!!

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