Bargain for British readers…

Here: on amazon

They are offering a set of the 3 books of The Mirage Makers for stg 17.97 (or 5.99 each). Now that’s a bargain. If you haven’t read them, go buy. Remember the first and the third were shortlisted for the best fantasy novel of the year in Oz.


Bargain for British readers… — 8 Comments

  1. Already got them! Although I have to admit to not having read them yet! I've just been finishing off university so I have an excuse – honest! : )

  2. I plan to buy a set when I'm over there (in 14 sleeps time!) purely because the covers are so different to the Aussie covers. Still think it's an awesome series.

    However, I might check out the Amazon site – and drive my sister even crazier because I've already bought two books through Amazon that have arrived at her house for me to pick up.

  3. Hey Barb, off to UK? Have a good trip! I must say, I've never had a problem with Amazon UK or US.

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Those are the same covers I have – guess what, I got them from

    I just re-read Havenstar by the way, thoroughly enjoyed it again.

  5. My sister will now decide that I am dangerous when it comes to Amazon – so far she is keeping a dragon book pacified with pretty pebbles, is probably by now fending off a hero, and I'm not going to bother telling her about the three (awesome) books that are about to land on her doorstep!

    Yes, UK for three weeks and then the US for 6 days then I shall be spending 8 hours in LAX watching people while I wait for my flight back home.

    My travel blog is – up and running with one cheeky comment from Granny already 🙂

  6. i can't buy them on unfortunately : i have to order them in a bristish book shop in france ^^

    i did plan to buy them for this summer: next summer i'll read the next 3 ones i hope ! ^^

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