Titles, and apologies all around…

I have delivered my MS for Stormlord Rising, which is book two of The Watergiver trilogy (at least, that is what it is being called in Australia. In UK and US, I think they are avoiding giving the trilogy as a whole a name. It is to be referred to as the Stormlord trilogy.)

What a epic the title has been. Droughtmaster, Rainlord, Rainlords of the Scarpen, Drouthlord, Rogue Rainlord, Random Rain, Time of Random Rain, Stormquest, Stormseeker, The Watergivers, Stormshifter, Burning Sky have all been associated with this series at some time or another, and probably a few more I can’t think of off-hand.

(And, dammit, I still have a title to think up for Book 3)

Anyway, it has been submitted, and now I have to see if my editor ages ten years and mutters under her breath, ‘Bloody hell, what was she thinking?’

And so now the time has come to:

A. Give an abject apology to all those people whose emails have been sitting in my inbox unanswered for months and to tell you I am now beginning to answer them,
B. Start on the housework which has not been done for several months either. Yuk, yuk, yuk.


Titles, and apologies all around… — 2 Comments

  1. As far as housework is concerned, don’t give it a thought. It won’t go away, and if you do it regularly, there will still be just as much to be done. I am so glad you have submitted your manuscript – when do you start on book 3? I suggest you take a while to relax although I suppose visits to luxury hotels etc. helps.

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