Deep philosphical questions of the day


1. Why do manufacturers of computer keyboards go to all the bother of painting the letters on the keys, yet haven’t bothered to find a way of doing it that doesn’t wear off in three months of usage by a fantasy writer?

2. How can my washing machine do a better job of finding stray Kleenex tissues than I can?



Deep philosphical questions of the day — 3 Comments

  1. 1. Not just a fantasy writer. It helps to be a touch typist then you don’t need to know what the keys are, but I agree, it is frustrating.

    2. Damned if I know, in England we call that kind of thing sods law.

  2. …and why do the key markings never wear off laptop keys?!

    Someone suggested I buy a CD marker and the key letters would never wear off. Tried it, it wears off in about 3 days. I’ve thought about painting clear nail polish over the re-painted letters…But, I only do it for when other people use my keyboard anyway; I’ve been touch-typing since I was 13, approx 47 years ago.

    Kleenex in the washing machine? Shudder…and it’s worse in the dryer.

  3. No-one else but me touches my keyboard so, like you Lou, it doesn’t matter ‘cos I touch type. I didn’t know about laptops though, although mine is an old one, I haven’t used it that much and I am not sure the previous owner did either. Or at least not for continuous typing.

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