Where I’ve been

At a lighthouse.

Built in the 1860s and still manned
Below: And now,with permission, the centre of the raptor watch count – counting the birds arriving from Indonesia 48 kms away
Below: Sometimes the birds come

Below: sometimes they don’t, so …
Above: so you look at local fellas like this Common Myna
Above: Or you get a lesson at the feet of the sifu on identification
Above: or look at the Dusky Leaf Monkeys eating shoots
Above: or admiring their orange babies…
More next time.


Where I’ve been — 3 Comments

  1. How lovely to watch monkeys – that would fascinate me more than the birds. Common Mynah?? They ain’t common in my neck of the woods. I didn’t know any of the species had colours either. The only ones I have ever seen, in cages, were totally black.

  2. They stay orange for three months, possibly as a way for the troop to know that this is a baby that needs their protection.

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